Acosta Design Inc. is a privately owned firm led by two working principals—Mauricio Acosta and Katarina Sjöholm—who are involved in every stage of the creative process. Because we love what we do.

We’re big in agility, low in cost. Smaller in numbers and big in productivity. We stay slim and trim the excess middlemen and convoluted pricing hierarchies, enabling us to only partner with clients to whom we can devote our full attention.

We speak a visual vocabulary informed by combined international experience: Spanish, Swedish, Korean and French are heard regularly (particularly during bare-fisted, no-holds-barred—oops, we mean, lively—design debates). Yes, Helvetica can be that emotive.

A brand is just a logo, right? We disagree. It is your customer’s full experience of your message and your voice. It is the color of your language, the rhythm of your font, and the tone of your imagery. We can help you create it, shape it and share it with the world.