Now, about that ‘branding’ thing.

A well conceived, well executed brand is a compass for successful market differentiation within our visually oversaturated environment. As such, rushing or skimping on the branding process at its inception creates inconsistency and irrelevancy down the road. This devalues its perceived quality by today’s savvy consumers, who are faced with navigating through an overwhelming number of choices. Finally, the opportunity is lost to create the emotional connection needed to foster brand loyalty. Brand worship has been called the new religion. 

Case in point: Apple Inc. The strength of its brand personality succeeded in rocketing the company from the brink of bankruptcy in the late-’90s to being crowned the world’s most valuable brand in 2011. This is despite selling computers (and now all mobile devices), at exponentially higher prices than its competitors. Its brand strategy focuses on the emotions: it sells lifestyle; imagination; innovation; aspirations; creativity. Its unique market position was identified, strategized, and consistently executed to the last detail, resulting in a heartfelt connection with its customers.